2022 Biennial All Media Exhibition













Juried by Srimoyee Mitra, director of Stamps Gallery, Stamps School of Art and Design


“It has been my pleasure and honor to jury the 2022 DAM Biennial. This year’s exhibition brings together poignant and diverse works that explore ideas of portraiture and representation of one’s self and another through drawings, paintings, photography, video, and sculpture. As we continue to live and work two years since the pandemic transformed everyday life and routines, the 2022 DAM Biennial conveys the myriad of meaningful ways in which artists in this region are examining questions of care and loss, memory, and memorializing, nostalgia and humor.”

– Srimoyee Mitra


Exhibiting Artists:

Jide Aje, Harold Allen, Robert Beras, Kaleigh Blevins, Bruce Peterson, Sue Carman Vian, Marta Carvajal, Sherell Chillik, Barbara Clay, Clara DeGalan, Carlos Diaz, Susan Eatmon, Darrel Ellis, Mark Esse, David A. Fischer, Jack Griffin, Sophie Grillet, Richard Halprin, Brianna Hayes, Christina Haylett, Sarah Innes, Dennis Jones, Tohru Kanayama, John Kilpatrick, Diane Marie Kramer, Sherry Mahboubian, Karen McGarry, John Albert Murphy, Brigette Neal, Mary Onifer, Joan Painter-Jones, Jo Powers, Luzhen Qiu, Ted Ramsay, Nicole Richards, Mia Risberg, Philip Ross, Jaye Schlesinger, Mark Schwing, Maddie Shubeck, Donita Simpson, Adrian Smith, Nancy Wanchik, Margi Weir, Albert Young, Nolan Young, Lulu Zheng


Featured Artist Wall, curated by Melissa Jones

Lawrence Hamilton, photography

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Featured Artist: Lawrence Hamilton

The photography of Lawrence Hamilton examines everyday reality from a slightly different perspective. While mostly self-taught, his over 40-year career in architecture provided a solid foundation for achieving form, composition and balance within each image. For Hamilton, photography is a continual process of observing the world around him in an entirely different and unexpected way.

Lawrence Hamilton’s architectural photographs reflect two different viewpoints. The captured images of everyday scenes depict his visual interpretation of the ever changing urban landscape. Hamilton also uses photography to create graphic interpretations, translating the everyday into bold, abstract compositions that are unique unto themselves–often creating their own reality.

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