Richard Yandura

Dearborn MI

A Racoon in a Tree
Artist Statement
I was born with natural talent. Therefore, from childhood I had a strong desire to be an artist. I’ve been influenced and inspired by the Old Masters, comic book artists, Disney artists, as well as many artists of today. With no formal art training I’ve learned my craft by observing artwork of many acclaimed artists, past and present. I’ve spent many hours practicing drawing, and painting, while reading instructional art books, until I finally developed my own style. My ink drawing style is unique in that I don’t use color. I create form and space utilizing many lines and dots which create shadows and shades of gray. Using fewer lines and dots I create light areas, giving depth of field which adds support and a sense of atmosphere. I draw or paint everything from life, as well as using photos for reference. Some of my wildlife subjects can be found in my backyard while others require a trip to the country. My nautical drawings or paintings are of freighters or tugboats which can be found on the Detroit River. They inspire me because of their form and intricate design; they also challenge my creativity and technical drawing ability which can be seen in my drawing style. Through my Artwork, whether pencil or pen and ink drawings, oil paintings, or watercolor paintings I strive for realism. But most of all, I strive to create something new, exciting and interesting to capture the viewers’ attention. To make them stop, look around, see the beautiful world surrounding them. Richard Yandura