Jan Filarski

Ray MI

Galactic Mechanisms III
Artist Statement
I have been painting all my life. Pan watercolors in the 8 or 16 color trays were where I began. Now I use water media and mixed media working with many materials in one painting. Variety, strong design, and experimentation are important in my work. I notice shapes and color in the world. I stop and take a picture of a shape between tree branches etc. that caught my attention. This shape is treasured and may be used in a following painting. I work more abstractly. I may begin with a loose idea, put down some paint, and work intuitively as the painting progresses. I strive to make my work unique. "What is happening" is not always explained. I like that each person can see something different in each piece. I often say to myself, "what if"..... I do this or that. I really liked and was influenced by my elementary art teacher who taught art on a cart. This was very challenging for her. I often was her helper. I had talent in art and became an art teacher myself. I received a BS. from Wayne State University and an MA. in painting and pottery from West Chester State University in PA. I taught art in a junior high school outside Philadelphia until I moved back home to Michigan when I got married. I have a series of paintings done with organic mechanisms doing things and living in an otherworldly environment. I like collage and combine it with many mediums of paint. New materials interest me. I like trying new things in my art work. I have a series of two paintings woven together. I have done many works with organic robots making things and then helping mankind by cleaning up oit spills, etc. These robots usually have antenae and a power strip that relays their instructions. I like animals and have had many exotic pets to paint. My love of science, sci-fi, fantasy, marine biology, space and the universe, are reoccurring themes in my work.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2011 Small(er) Show
2012 Biannual All Media Exhibitioin