Stephanie Sturton

Grosse Pointe Park MI

Artist Statement
My art is psychological archeology. Immersing myself in a personal experience from the past, allows me to connect and unlock my subconscious thoughts. Embodying these emotional occurrences, I become liberated from self-censorship. Through the process of free writing, I am able to release repressed memories and explore my own subconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that exist in my mind. I attempt to invite the viewer back to earlier psychological strata in processes of decomposition and movement. Explore the process of creating and releasing ones affectively charged, abstract concepts before the splitting of word, meaning, and affect. The movement of forms becoming dialog is constructed through a habitually active process of repeating gestures, mentally processing and physically regurgitating the decomposition of emotion. Words give tangible, limited, and discrete meaning to abstract ideas. I intend to reverse the process, giving the abstract idea back to the word. Clarity is unimportant.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
All Media Exhibition 2009