Detroit Expat Artists: Homecoming

Exhibition, Online Exhibit Archive

Curated by Stephanie James and Elizabeth Youngblood   

The Detroit Artists Market celebrates its 90th birthday with Detroit Expat Artists: Homecoming—a celebratory reunion of artists nurtured by Detroit. The exhibition showcases a multigenerational group of artists working in a variety of media and genres over the last fifty years. Artists represented in the show are Matthew Bandsuch, Christopher Batten, McArthur Binion, Melvin Clark, Brenda Goodman, Garry Grant, Artis Lane, Al Loving, Joshua Newth, Yolanda Sharpe, Eric Smith, Nick Sousanis, and Michael Kelly Williams.


Featured Artist Wall, curated by Melissa Jones:

David McGuffie

Featured Artist” David McGuffie

David McGuffie (born 1995) is an illustrator, muralist, and amatuer naturalist based in Detroit. McGuffie’s work is rooted in the medium of pen and ink, with his drawings often providing the basis for multi-layer screen prints or paintings. The process of creating helps McGuffie to explore and communicate ideas that are move him, which in recent years includes navigating our stories of, and connection to, place.